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Magdalene College Response to COVID-19

Response to COVID-19

This webpage includes useful links and information for Magdalene College Members regarding the University and College’s response to COVID-19 during the academic year 2021-22.

Current students are asked to regularly check the Student Bulletin and College Updates webpage for important announcements and College updates including, Student Information Sheets, COVID-19 updates and guidance.

University COVID-19 webpages

The University Coronavirus (COVID-19) pages contain up to date information and UK Government links relating to health, travel, visa and immigration matters, and staff working arrangements.

Academic year 2021-22

Student information for the academic year 2021-22 and archival information that applied in previous years.

Academic year 2021-22

Please also check your Faculty and Departmental websites, as well as with your Director of Studies or Postgraduate Supervisor.

Your Postgraduate Tutor or your Directors of Studies will also be able to give advice.

Residency and accommodation

The College and University have issued guidance for students Living in Cambridge.

There is further guidance for postgraduate research or other students who have been given permission to return to Cambridge, either under the University’s protocol for the return of postgraduate research students or through other specific Departmental arrangements, and who intend to take up College accommodation or to use College facilities in coming months.


Student testing information is available on the Health and wellbeing webpages.

International students

For information on travel, 签证和移民问题, please see the University Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel information.

Prospective undergraduates and offer holders

For information on how the University and Colleges are managing Cambridge admissions, please see the Cambridge Admissions Office website.

Prospective postgraduates and offer holders

For information on how the University and Colleges are managing Cambridge postgraduate admissions, please see the Graduate Admissions web pages.

Support for students

Welfare Support from the College

All current students have access to our Wellbeing Moodle site which is maintained by the College Welfare Team.  Support from the Welfare Team is available to all students whether they are resident, non-resident in Cambridge, or away from Cambridge.

Tutors - your tutor remains available for help, advice, and pastoral support. Please contact them by email.

Nurse – available during Term Time for online or phone consultations.

College Counselling – a senior University Counselling Service counsellor is our College counsellor who offers UCS counselling for Magdalene students during Term Time.

Chaplain – The Chaplin is happy for all students to get in touch for a non-judgemental safe space to chat about anything on their mind.

Harassment Officers – Confidential points of contact should you ever feel that you have been harassed or bullied in any sense.

Welfare Support from the University

The University has extensive health and wellbeing information on the University Counselling Service and the Disability Resource Centre.


The College continues to support the wellbeing of our staff. If you have any queries, please speak to your Head of Department or the HR Manager. Staff are encouraged to read the University’s guides to wellbeing.

Risk assessments

With the easing of restrictions, the College is identifying ways more people can return to work and study. The safety of Staff, Students and Fellows is paramount and the College will comply with all relevant legislation and guidance.

Each Department has conducted a risk assessment and where necessary have adapted their protocols to work safely. These assessments and return to work guidance have been shared with all staff members.

In order to allow for more people to be in College – in the shared facilities, for instance - detailed risk assessments have been produced, in accordance with government advice, to consider how we can move forward in a safe manner.